Wishing All of You, a Happy, and Prosperous, New Year!

Looking forward to 2016………..

Emma & student photo 5                                                        METALWORKS SF

We will be starting Winter quarter on January 20th, 2016 with the first Lost Wax Casting class, and January 22nd, with the first Fabrication class. All classes are 3 hours once a week and run for 9 weeks with one extra make-up  class. It’s not too late to sign up for classes. Click on the link to Metalworks, or visit www.metalworkssf.com

The Lost Wax Casting class has an emphasis on jewelry making, and ring making in particular. Other project ideas are certainly encouraged, and it could be a good opportunity to create a small sculpture or other unusual project. Instructor, Daniel Macchiarini,  guides students through the process, starting from an unformed piece of wax to a finished piece of wearable jewelry. All work is done by the students themselves, including  investment of  wax models, kiln burnout, use of the casting torch, the casting itself, and the finishing, and polishing of the cast piece.

The Fabrication class is essential Metal Smithing basics, and yeilds at least 2 finished pieces. Instructor Emma Macchiarini Morris, leads the class in basic sawing, cutting, forming, soldering, bezel making, and stone setting.  Repeating students, or students with some experience are encouraged to create independant projects of their own choosing, and may include clasp making, fold forming, hinge-building, and inlay.

Our classes accommodate both, absolute beginners, who have no metal experience at all, and students who have extensive metalwork backgrounds. Our classes accommodate  5-7 students, and emphasize project based learning. Students will get a good deal of on-on one instruction, and ability to use equiptment with minimal wait time

For more information and to sign up, go to the independant website: www.metalworkssf.com


New Designs on the Horizons. Below

Dan’s lastest sterling silver and brass monkey

and the lastest dot ring.

Marble, Lapis, Turquise, and Ebony.






monkey2015 -2IMG_5591



Monkey Pin







Jade signet ring

with Macchiarini hyroglyphs


Christmas 2015: A Difficult Transition

photo 1Macchiarini Design still mourns the  passing of our beloved Joan Mankin, Dan Macchiarini’s wife, and Emma Macchiarini’s Mother. Her death occured on Septermber 26, 2015, after her illness and strugle with ALS. We have pursrervered through this difficult time because of the love and support from all of our customers, and community. Thank you for your condolences, and well wishes, they have truly bouyed our spirits, and helped  to help keep us going. Best Wishes in the New Year!

-Macchairini Studio


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