Bohemian-Beat Gathering




        1544 Grant Ave.

      Between Union and Filbert Streets,

    at the foot of Telegraph Hill in SF


    March 4TH 6-10 PM




    The Archives of

      Peter Macchiarini

    And Neal Cassady

On display will be the wedding rings that Peter

made for Neal and Caroline Cassidy circa 1960

Chance to WIN A genuine Original artwork by


  Poetry. Live Jazz, Food & Drink

postcard - shindig

In 1960 Neal and Caroline Cassady had their wedding rings made by Peter Macchiarini. The Macchiarini family recently made contact with Jami Cassady (Neal and Caroline’s daughter) through the Peter Macchiarini archivist Lisbit Bailey. Jami graciously agreed to bring the rings to the Macchiarini Creative Design Studio / Gallery for a First Friday viewing and Bohemian/Beat Gathering” to promote the Peter Macchiarini and Neal Cassady Archieves. Expect Merriment, Poetry Reading, Jazz, food and drink!!!!


Starting in the Spring of 2015, the Macchiarini’s, with the volunteer help of professional archivist Lisbet Bailey started to organize and archive the volumes of pictures and materials surrounding Peter’s art and his community activities. We have gotten to a point now where we need archival storage materials, space to work on the archives, a Mac computer dedicated solely to the archives and a high end scanner just to put the thousands of photographs of his work into acceptable academic form. We also need to have the ability to apply for grants to pay our archivist at least a stipend for her work as she has given us close to 70 hours of her time without compensation. Ultimately, one of our ultimate goals is to produce a book of Peter’s work, and as we all know it usually costs more to bring to print an art book of any kind, than it makes back.

Our ultimate goals include having the archives accessible to all that have artistic curiosity or academic interest in Peter’s work specifically and mid-century modernism generally. No other “WEARABLE ART” movement artist has a solo book of their work outside of Alexander Calder who was much more renowned for his mobile sculptures than his jewelry. Even though the modernist  “wear art movement” actually started in the 1930’s on the West coast, with few exceptions, most books on “Mid-Century modernism” emphasize and recognize the contributions of artists of the East coast. As Peter was on the leading edge of the modernist movement in the metal arts even as  a protege of Margret Da Patta’s in the mid 1930’s. he then quickly developing himself into an innovator and leader in his own right. We feel it is time to have the west coast artists and particularly Peter recognized for the major contributions they made to modernism as an art movement.

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mailchimp-jpg Peter's drawings



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