2012-coin-aCOIN MAKING !

Maybe you didn’t make it out to Burning Man this year, or maybe you did, but you didm;t get to create a coin. These beautiful keepsakes are worth collecting, and keeping as talismans of Burning Man, and the end of summer 2016.
Enjoy the food and drink with us, and watch the fiery mini-smelter in action! This event will feature a live casting event, as well as the opportunity to participate in creating your own coin on our 100 ton press!
Each one of the three coins was created around the theme of Da Vinci’s Workshop and features different symbols and designs. One coin is equal to one and a half aluminum cans and is light and wearable. We will also be making a limited number of coins in Sterling Silver available for purchase at the event.

Come and Dust off with The Dragon Smelter Team

 Macchiarini Creative Design
1544 Grant Ave.

(between Union and Filbert)
San Francisco 94133
First Friday, November 4th

from 6-9 pm

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