Workshops and Classes

Workshops and Classes

Taking a workshop at Macchiarini Design is a wonderful way to participate in the life of the studio. This shop is a very inclusive community, and we welcome students of all ages, ethnicities, and experience levels. Danny Mac and Emma, who are the workshop teachers at the studio, strive to create an environment where students can bring their ideas beautifully into fruition! Each student is given around 8 hours instruction time, and up to 40 hours bench time! This is a great deal for students with a specific project in mind.

Gain access to a fully equipped studio, with ample time to create the jewelry or sculpture of your dreams, and experienced instructors to guide you through the process!

Weather this is your first foray into metal smithing, or something you want to get back into, this is a wonderful place to explore yourself as a metal artist.

Below is the full description of the various workshops offered.  We work around your schedule within the limits of our business hours. Please contact us via phone or email today to begin instruction.



    In this basic jewelry fabrication class students will learn beginning metal-crafting skills including:

    Plate metal rolling, three-dimensional metal forming techniques, the use of soldering torch, use of the jewelers saw, and metal files, and a general orientation of the use of the flex shaft, bits and burrs.

    Finish work such as machine polishing, use of the metal pickle and sonic cleaning techniques are also integrated into this workshop.

    In this class students will begin a project in Wax and cast it into metal in our centrifugal force casting machine. Students will learn a variety of techniques including:

    Wax tooling techniques with engravers, use of hot and cold techniques in wax mold making, plaster investment mold making, use of kiln to burn out, use of Oxygen-Acetylene torch to melt metal, and use of polishing machine for finish work.

    This is a hands on casting experience which allows students the opportunity to create in one medium and finish in another.                                                        $350.00

    NOTE: A combination workshop of jewelry fabrication and casting can be provided for $395.00


    We do workshops in creating small sculptures, mold making as well a “maquets” for large sculpture installations.  These vary in craft techniques offered as well price.                                                                                                                                     $275 to $350


    In this workshop student will learn basic techniques in hand, torch fired enameling on copper in to achieve colorful elements to integrate into either jewelry or sculpture piece they create.                                                                                              $325


    We also do individual instruction single session workshops for more advance students who already have some experience in creative art metal work.
    Per session   $45

    Bench time with full use tools excluding disposable and precious metals materials is also available on a monthly basis for $125.


  1. Macchiarini Creative Design will provide up to 8 hours of direct, personal instruction for any of our workshop classes combined with 40 hours of shop or “bench time”.  Access to all tools in our studio will be available to our students.

  2. Macchiarini Creative Design will provide all disposables and materials necessary for the workshop students with the exception of precious stones and metals.

  3. All students will be required to sign a Legal liability personal injury release for Macchiarini Creative Design;

  4. All students will be required to follow all safety instructions by any of our Macchiarini Creative Design teachers as well as attending all safety meetings for any workshop classes within our studio.

2 Responses to Workshops and Classes

  1. Hello,

    I am very interested in participating in your JEWELRY CASTING WORKSHOP and BASIC FABRICATION WORKSHOP. I was wondering what dates you have available and how the process of enrolling works. Please email me back if possible with information because I am really looking to expand my knowledge and build my skill in jewelry making.

    I have a jewelry portfolio as well as experience in jewelry repairs, stone setting beading, and minor fabrication. But I really have a lot to learn. I would love to get in contact with you.

    Thanks in advance,

    -Kerri Donahue

  2. Sydney khan says:

    I would like to take your basic fabrication class, when would it start?


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